Brixo Bricks conduct an electrical current that brings your creation to life.  
Controlled by a Bluetooth app Brixo™ can operate motors, lights and sensors 
 to allow your kids to drive their own building bricks car as far as their imagination can take them. 
They can design a lighthouse which will shine on the horizon of their creativity. 
Smart machines are already part of our life and will be dramatically embedded even more in the future.  
We believe that kids need to be prepared for this future. 
Brixo™ inspires kids to be inventors and creators and develop 21st century skills with a hands-on And fun-driven learning approach.
Brixo™ bricks are compatible to varies building bricks and can be integrated in your creations to allow endless designs and never-ending ideas.  
Brixo™ has granted patents in major countries as; France, US, UK, Italy, China, India and Israel.  
Brixo™bricks comply with international standards and safely conducts the low current in it. 
Brixo™ can be used for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects in schools, educating the kids without them knowing it. 

Brixo™ is an enjoyable game for kids and adults and anyone who gets excited to satisfy their curiosity.
To learn more about BRIXO bricks watch our YouTube channel.