a short introduction to Brixo Cables:
As Brixo is an electronic Toy, some of its Bricks parts have a circuit to bring the model alive. In order to create electricity we need two sides- plus and minus.
We know cables usually when it comes to car’s Battery, when we have to charge it or replace it. Bat before replacing we use the cables to check the Battery status.
The same idea is in Brixo, when the battery shows red light it’s mean that there is a short circuit. Sometimes it’s not the reason for the empty battery, it could be something else. Maybe you didn’t connect the Bricks correctly, the direction of the bricks might be wrong, or maybe you just didn’t tighten the bricks.
 So if you want to save time, just double-check the Battery with conducted Brick – connect one side to the battery and one side to the brick with the circuit.
Exactly like the photo below.